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Are you a high performing player and wish to remain at your current educational establishment but want to grow and develop at a rate like youth players in Professional Clubs in Europe? 

Now you can!

The popularity of our Premier Academy Program and its immediate results and success have lead to us open up the exclusive Premier Academy program to more even players by scheduling sessions that allow players to remain enrolled in full-time school. 

This year we are offering more accommodating training times to provide access to the program for more elite players to attend High School, Private School or Homeschool

Training Fees 2019-20 Season

Premier Academy (u14 & older) - $6,999

Pre-Academy (u13 and younger) - $4,499

Training times for the 2019-20 Season

Premier Academy - 4:00 - 6:00pm Monday - Friday

Pre-Academy - 4:00 - 6:00pm Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday


Fees include all group and private training.  All individual strength and conditioning programming and training.  

2019-2020 season will include:

  • Increased group and tactical training

  • Improved player tracking and fitness program

  • Revised cooking program to include player meals

  • Out of normal school hours training to allow for more players to access

  • An Oversees trip for training and experience*

  • Diverse training methods, beach, boxing, dance and martial arts

  • Group and individual leadership training

  • Continued partnership with local public and private schools

  • Educational support

  • Continued partnership with TCU for access to travel soccer**

  • Improved recovery and injury prevention program

  • Continued partnerships with leading professional clubs in England and the Premiership

  • Continued partnership working with leading College Coaches in the USA

**Academy Players and Pre-Academy players can attend up to 3 Club training sessions at TCU per week in addition to Academy training.  It is recommended however that only 1 Club session is attended per week.


Over the last two years, The Massive Premier Academy has accelerated the development of every participant to include:


  • 3 Premier Academy players receiving scholarships for soccer in college 

  • Dramatic player improvement 

  • Monitoring and game-by-game tracking of work rates through GPS that can be filed and presented to college coaches during consultation periods and after signing at a college.

  • A great variety of learning opportunities including:

    • international opportunities to train and play at Professional Clubs

    • Overseas training trips with group bonding and training excursions

    • Multi sport training including yoga, Pilates, boxing, rock climbing, zip lining, swimming to support the total player development

    • Affiliation with Professional Clubs for trial and experience opportunities

    • Train exclusively with a UEFA A license coach on a personal training program

    • Potential of the First Premier Academy team being formed that would give training and playing in games opportunities with like minded players

    • Coach education opportunities, volunteer and learning opportunities as well as the option to secure a part time job teaching the sport you love the most!

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Massive Premier Academy

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Our Academy players work closely with our Education Consultant Terri Marder.


Terri Marder attended Palm Beach Atlantic University and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education/Early Childhood/Specific Learning Disabilities and a Master of Science in Counseling Psychology. She also attended the University of North Carolina and earned a Master of School Administration in Educational Leadership and Cultural Foundations.

Terri has been in education for 23 years and served in the capacity as classroom teacher, school counselor, school level administrator for both elementary and high school, and district level administrator in state and federal programs.  


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