Panama Summer Adventure

July 7 - 27, 2019


Massive Soccer is taking 10 high school aged (16+) adventure-seeking teenagers on a unique experience to Panama. For three weeks, this group will play soccer, educate coaches, perform community service, sightsee and be immersed in the Spanish language.


This is a unique cultural experience in a safe environment. Massive Soccer has a personal connection to a private property coffee farm. These 10 travelers will stay in a five-bedroom residence (double occupancy) with ensuite bathrooms. Meals will be cooked cooperatively at the house. 

The setting is on private property where you will get to enjoy the best of Panama amongst 10 people of similar age with similar interests.  The trip truly is the experience of a lifetime. Volcano climbing, Zip lining, Cloud forest and surfing in the Pacific Ocean are all included in the 20 day trip.  For those interested we will also hold professional coaching sessions to keep soccer players in touch with their game over the summer.


There will also be opportunities to see the beautiful Panama sites and natural treasures.  


This is a great adventurous trip for those who are seeking an internship (education, Spanish, coaching) or achieving community service hours (100+ hours anticipated).  It makes a great experience to list on a college application or write about in an application essay.

The cost per person is $3300 (not including airline flights)  

Two Massive Soccer coaches will be traveling and coordinating this trip.

In January 2019, Massive took 11 travelers on this same trip, and it was a huge success!  Check out the photos and testimonials from this past trip:

"This well-organized adventure mixed the fun and excitement of zip lining and hiking with immersion into the Panama culture. As an attending parent, I was very impressed with the how a natural building of camaraderie will provide for a lasting memory for all who attended." - Howard Marder, attended January 2019 Panama trip

"The Panama trip was amazing! The kids left home as individuals and returned as a coesive group. Being able to watch them interact with the local kids and communicate without speaking the same language was great. They were able to overcome their own insecurities and grow during this experience. Panama is a beautiful country!" - Ryan Plewke, attended January 2019 Panama trip

Frequently Asked Questions

What is age range for the trip?

Travelers must be at least 16 years old.


Is this trip only for soccer players?

No, but a background in soccer is beneficial.  Daily activity session will involve elements of soccer training, soccer coach education and activity planning.


What are the benefits of this trip?

Participants will be immersed in a Spanish language culture and participate in an internship experience in one or more of the following:  coaching soccer, teaching English (Kindergarten), farming and coffee farming.  Approximately 100 hours of community service hours can be earned on this trip.


Where will my child be staying? 

All travelers will be staying a private residence with 5 bedrooms (double occupancy) and ensuite bathrooms.  Meals will be prepared cooperatively at the residence which is owned by a

Massive Soccer Coaching personal friend.


Who will be traveling with my child?

In Panama, two representatives from Massive Soccer will be with the travelers.  These representatives will meet the travelers at the airport on their arrival in Panama.  Travelers can also elect to purchase tickets on the same flight as the Massive Soccer representatives.