The Pre-Academy will operate for 10 months of the year. Mid August through to the end of May. The schedule will run Monday, Wednesday & Thursday for 90 minutes.


Training will consist of technical training, conditioning and classroom sessions. Start and finish times may vary from time to time dependent on the individuals personalized training program. Training will primarily be held at The Bigger Pitch facility although other off site venues will be utilized when needed and appropriate.

Program features will include Field Training, Conditioning through speed ladders, hurdles and other footwork exercises, Speed and Strength/Gym work combined with Performance and Leadership Training. Off the field activities including cross-fit training, yoga, pilates, etiquette training, personal presence and media training. Food, Diet and Nutrition information - including eating to perform and preparing the body to train and play as well as the recovery foods needed to refuel.


Monthly, there will be additional features in the training program including but not limited to:


Etiquette Training - personal presentation skills.


Personal Development - mindset training and positive thinking, body language and creating a winning attitude. In addition, Pre-Academy players will work monthly with our Leadership Coach, Travis Thomas.


Diet & Nutrition - understanding what and when to eat to compliment the training and development of an elite athlete. This in addition will be supported by training from a chef on cooking and preparing your own meals to maximize your performance.


Other activities will also be organized for these times where appropriate for the Pre-Academy players’ development, growth, rest and recuperation. 

For further information, you can download the flyer below

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