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"Coming to Massive/TCU three seasons ago we really didn’t know what to expect.  Kayla had played midfield for the previous five years so to be moved to a forward position was a shocker for sure.  Being new to the team who were we to question this decision so we stayed the course and bought into the system.  After being at TCU for a few months and understanding the dynamic of training and games, it became very clear that players were being taught how to play every position on the field.  Winning and losing games became secondary to player development where training was tailored to work on areas needing development.  Spreading the field, technical passing, maintaining ball possession, and above all we are a team were drilled into each player where the motto was “play simple”.  


We are grateful to Fraser Foster and the Massive staff for preparing Kayla for the college level of playing in such a short timeline."

          — Danny Drawdy, Parent

"As our son's time at Massive comes to a close, I can't help but feel blessed to have met Fraser and Arran nearly 9 years ago. Massive is miles ahead of any other soccer development program in south Florida specifically due to it's leadership in Fraser Foster and the focus on holistic development of the children in their care. As parents, Kathy and I are very careful who we allow into our children's lives.


I have never doubted the influence of Fraser and Arran on our son both as an athlete and, more importantly, as a person. Massive's attention to skill development on the field as well as character development is what sets them apart. With the addition of Hansen, Massive continued in it's mission to bring in coaches who model the pursuit of excellence on and off the field. Hansen has taken the fertile ground that Fraser and Arran prepared and pushed Brendan to another level.  The quality of coaches throughout Massive (even those who have not directly coached my son) have impacted him to the positive...Robyn, Curtis, Rhianne, Travis...behind the scenes credit to Amanda, Heather, Lara, Karina. The addition of the Massive Premier Academy this year is yet another example of Fraser's vision for soccer in the U.S. There are so many positives to our experience with Massive that I could write paragraph after paragraph. Through Massive, Brendan has been trained on the pitch, trained younger players in after-school and summer programs, traveled overseas to give back to poor communities, and traveled to England. He has learned yoga and healthy cooking at Academy and had mental and leadership coaching from Travis. 


All of this helped shape him into a person that I'm proud of and a player that has been recognized recently with an invitation to play soccer in college (D2 Lenoir Rhyne University) which has been his goal. I also cannot help but mention the partnership with TCU specifically under Seth's leadership. Both Fraser and Seth have got it right in putting the children first throughout everything they do. Simply put, if I had it to do all over again, I wouldn't change one thing. Our thanks and best wishes to the entire Massive family!

           — Spencer & Kathy Rogers, Parents

"Fraser Foster and the rest of the Massive/TCU coaches have been truly amazing.  They really do focus on the development and success of each player.   In one year, Carter has gone from not wanting to play soccer ever again, to wanting to play in college.  And, although she is a high school senior, and she had all but missed her recruiting window, Coach Foster and the Massive/TCU coaching staff immediately began contacting coaches to tell them about Carter, and have them come watch her.  After only a couple of months, Carter had several coaches interested in her, including a major Division I school. 


Ultimately, Carter has decided to play Division III soccer at Sewanee in Tennessee.  The soccer team and the coach at Sewanee were a major factor in her decision to go there and she is really hoping to contribute to the team for all four years.   Her dad and I think it is the perfect place for her and we couldn’t be happier with her choice.


Needless to say, NONE of this would have happened without Fraser Foster and the incredible staff at Massive.  We credit Massive/TCU with bringing  JOY back to the game of soccer and for setting our daughter on a successful and happy path.  As a parent, what more could you want?

           — Beckwith Cooper, Parent 


“Fraser has contributed over the past 16 years to the lives of young people through positive activities from grass roots engagement through to the professional game. During 16 years of involvement with the PFA at Rotherham United, Barnsley Football Club and West Bromwich Albion, Fraser has become recognized as one of our leading figures of expertise within this field in the country. Fraser, as an individual within our country, continues to break down barriers to positively use the power of football to effect young people. This action is instrumental in the development of the international game and essential to ensure that the game remains at the heart of everyone.”

          — Gordon Taylor, Chief Executive – The Professional Footballers Association

“Fraser left West Bromwich Albion FC (where I was a Director) following his ambition to develop an International Community Program for Football. I cannot speak highly enough of Fraser – in his 3 years tenure he was instrumental in making WBA one of the recognized leaders in the country.”

          — Darren Eales – President – Atlanta United FC (MLS)

“I have had the opportunity to interact with a number of coaches over the years. The noted difference with Fraser and his team is that they are always professional, always timely, always committed to the same simple theme…the development of the player from head to toe. In youth soccer you may get lucky and find a quality coach out there but rarely will you find a quality coaching organization like Massive with the highest level of licensed professionals that are willing to put forth a program that is consistent, aligned and provides results . Pure and simple, they are the best.”

          — Seth Duston – President – Treasure Coast United

“Fraser’s expertise has laid a platform for change at our club that in time will benefit not just the children but the wider community of Vero Beach. Fraser’s key attribute is his ability to work through the day to day activities with the big picture always guiding his way to solutions. his drive, experience and skill set are valuable assets that will benefit the organization and community where ever he works.”

          — Nick Morris – Former President of IRSA

“You have brought such professionalism, knowledge, FAIRNESS, respect & enthusiasm to TCU. Shane has been exposed to so many trainers over his 7 years with TCU and you and your coaches are “Top Dog”!”

          — Jenny Laychur – Parent

“In a very short period of time time, Fraser worked with our board to develop a comprehensive vision for IRSA, brought on a talented DOC to implement the vision and attracted two major functions to our complex (WPS game and US Club Soccer tournament).”

          — Larry Reisman – Board Member IRSA

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